Hilary Burbidge Dog Training

Client Training Resources

Below are resources to support your training goals. You will require a password to access the links below.

Foundation Training Exercises

  • Eye Contact Game
  • Loose lead heel walking
  • Recall
  • Sit
  • Down

Establishing desirable behaviours and further information

  • Human behaviour around your dog
  • Chewing, nipping, biting, shredding and destroying things
  • Jumping up
  • Front door manners
  • Puppy exercises and bone growth plates information
  • Toileting outside
  • Poisonous plants in your garden
  • Pros and cons of early neutering
  • Socialisation and desensitisation

Leaving your dog on their own

  • Isolation Training
  • Crate training

Verbal commands and body language

  • How to use your voice effectively
  • ‘Sit’, ‘Come’, ‘Heel’, ‘Leave it’ and ‘off’ – hand signals

Useful dog training kit and further information

  • Treat pouch
  • Whistle

Foundation Retrieving Exercises

  • Picking up a training item
  • Delivery to hand

Recommended Reading List

  • selection of books that offer a rounded view and practical information on positive behaviour training techniques while explaining what makes our furry friends tick, covering the following topics:
    • how to raise a happy and well mannered puppy
    • how dogs communicate, body language, facial expressions, sounds and behaviour patterns
    • positive behaviour training
    • gundog training behavioural, physiological, historical and psychological

professional dog walking software